Wednesday 12 December 2012

Toybox REVIEW: Figma Link

Figma Link 01

Ever since Figma broke into the world of poseable figures, there's been hope that one day they might tackle Link from The Legend of Zelda. When Max Factory then announced Metroid's Samus Aran for the line, that hope began to grow until finally Zelda fans were given the figure they'd been dreaming of. After years of nothing but gashapon figures, expensive statues and poorly made action figures, the Hero of Time has found a place where he can truly shine. Here is the review of Figma Link, in his appearance from the latest Legend of Zelda game: Skyward Sword.

Figma Link Box Front

Figma Link Box BackFigma Link Tray

The box sports a cloudy sky image (its Skyward Sword after all), with a rather fitting green and gold trim for the Figma logo and details. Meanwhile the spines and back of the box display Link in a variety of different poses, as is the norm for Figma releases. Open up the box and the figure and its parts are separated onto two trays, with the sword sheath and effect part stored underneath the main tray.

Figma Link 02

Figma Link 03Figma Link 04

As you would expect Link has a huge range of articulation in his body, but also houses a few surprises. As well as a ball jointed head, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and feet, Link features a swivel joint in his waist and even his hat! What's also notable is the toe joints, which while not unique to the figure is somewhat of a rarity to the line. The tunic is made of soft plastic, so doesn't hinder the hip joints too much and allows Link plenty of action poses.

Figma Link 05

Figma Link 06Figma Link 07

Now anyone who's played a Zelda game knows that Link is also famed for his wide variety of accessories, and while what we got may not be to everyone's tastes its still an impressive array. Included with the figure is the Master Sword (and sheath), the Hylian shield, a skyward slash effect part, an alternate face and a total of 11 hands. Sadly there's no sign of any bombs, mogma mitts, bow and arrow or any other Skyward Sword weapons. But the truth is whatever Max Factory chose to include, they were never going to please everyone as far as Link's arsenal was concerned so limiting things to just the main essentials is a good call. Also included is the standard Figma stand with two alternate plug parts.

Figma Link 08Figma Link 09

Figma Link 10

On the subject of the Master Sword, we come to perhaps the only flaw in what is otherwise the perfect figure. While the shield features a removable grip so that it can be placed firmly in Link's hand, the sword does not - making it an absolute nightmare to get the sword into (and subsequently out of) his hand. Some reviewers online have noted that the sword's pommel (the bottom bit) is in fact removable, making it easy to slip in and out of his hand. However many (including myself) have commented that the pommel doesn't want to budge (as if it's been glued into place) and if it was in fact meant to be removed the instructions would say so like they do for the shield. If you have a pommel that can be removed reasonably easily consider yourself lucky, however if you don't BE VERY CAREFUL. Placing the sword in the hand is no easy task, and carelessness could easily wind up with the hilt breaking into two. The best advice is the run the hand under warm water to loosen it up, and then roll the sword in carefully under the thumb.

Figma Link 11Figma Link 12

Simply put, this really is the Link figure everyone has been waiting for. Even with the sword issue, it's an incredible figure that is not only the best Zelda figure that's been released thus far, but also may be the best Zelda figure that's ever released. With a Figma Pit (from Kid Icarus) due sometime next year and Bandai working on Pokemon for their D-Arts line, even if we never see a Figma Zelda, Ghirahim or even Ganondorf a Super Smash Bros. reunion is definitely on the cards. A must have for Nintendo/Legend of Zelda fans, but also a huge recommendation to Figma fans who might be looking for something different among their hoard of anime girls.


Unknown said...

Where did u get the heart container and rubee!!!! 80!!!!

Alex said...

They're from a set of Phantom Hourglass gashapon figures :)