Tuesday 11 December 2012

Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai Battle Pack 1

With Power Rangers Samurai at its end and the chance of there being a wave 3 of blind bags I thought I was done with Mega Bloks mini figures. However an early Christmas present from a good friend has opened my eyes to a few more options just before the line properly comes to a halt and the Power Rangers Megaforce figures roll out. Amongst the various kits, two battle packs were released: each housing four figures (two rangers and two Nighloks) and a buildable display stand. One figure from each version is a special "limited edition" variant with translucent parts.

Battle pack one contains: Translucent Super Mega Mode Gold Ranger, Super Blue Ranger, Master Xandred and a flying Mooger. Meanwhile battle pack two has Super Mega Mode Green, Super Red, translucent Deker (Nighlok form) and a standard Mooger.

Without further ado, let's take a look at battle pack one.

First we have the limited edition Super Mega Mode Gold ranger, who features an almost entirely transparent body and comes with a mega blade weapon. The raised visor section on the helmet is a nice touch so you can differentiate between standard and mega modes, and the all black body is also a welcome contrast.

Super Blue is exactly the same as his wave 2 blind bag counterpart, only this time the figure is all the solid colour. His weapon is disappointingly missing the gold detail on the black box, but otherwise its a solid figure.

Master Xandred is perhaps the most exciting figure in the set for me personally, given my bad guy count currently consists of a human Deker and two Moogers. Mega Bloks have done a pretty good job in recreating what is a pretty detailed suit, but some of the paint apps are pretty sloppy when you look at them close up. Xandred has his own unique sword, moulded in gold plastic and featuring a pretty detailed dragon detail. Perfect for leading a small army of Nighloks.

Finally there's the flying Mooger (again, not really sure why it's "flying"), who is completely identical to the wave 2 blind bag release.

The display stand the figures come with comes unassembled, made up of two thin blocks, two large two spot blocks, two four spot blocks and one piece with the Samurai symbol on it. Its obviously not complicated to put together, and makes a great alternative to the coloured blocks the blind bag mini figures have. I'm half tempted to see if I can't get some more black pieces to make it a little bigger.

While originally I was going to overlook these, you get your money's worth out of them. Perfect for expanding your display, and featuring some rather special figures too. Expect shots of battle pack two in the near future!

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