Thursday 16 February 2012

Toybox REVIEW: S.H. Figuarts Gokai Pink

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, the 35th anniversary Super Sentai, draws to a close this Sunday, and thus the merchandising for the series will slowly draw to close (well, ranger keys are probably going to be around for a while yet!). Gokai Pink (or Ahim de Famille if you'd prefer) is one of the final two S.H. Figuarts to be released, however much like Gokai Yellow she was a Tamashii Web exclusive, thus was only available to those outside Japan via eBay and middlemen services.

The first thing to say about Gokai Pink is that she's pink...REALLY pink. I wasn't quite expecting the colour to be quite so vibrant on the figure, but it certainly suits the figure and looks fantastic combined with the black, gold and silver details. The sculpt really gives a defined female form to the suit, and like Yellow is shorted than her male crew mates. To compensate for the limitations of the skirt, the three-piece skirt seen with the rest of the female Sentai figuarts is also included. To change the skirt remove the torso and then unhook the one piece skirt. The main piece then attaches in the same place, while the hip pieces attach via tiny plugs on the legs.

Gokai Pink comes packaged with a total of 11 extra hands, Gokai saber and gun (with alternate 'key inserted' barrels), ranger keys (both folded and unfolded), mobirates, double gun piece and a wired Gokai saber. Despite this quite hefty amount of accessories, I can't help feel a little disappointed. While the inclusion of a second wired sword is nice, Ahim has never once used this weapon in the show and its inclusion is really only to make the Gokai Yellow figure better. The double pistol piece is Pink's only real 'exclusive' piece in the set, and while it would add a little variety to a display its fairly small accessory for an expensive figure. It would have been nice to see a treasure chest, greatest treasure in the universe or Gokai Galleon Buster packaged with someone, but that's probably never going to happen now.

Finally comes the Gokai Darin, in just a vibrant pink finish as the figure itself. Like Yellow it is included within the actual figure box rather than separately, and has exactly the same features as those included with the Blue, Green and Yellow figures. For those looking to pose your Gokaiger's in a GokaiOh cockpit display, that dream is now a reality.

Truth be told, Pink is definitely the weakest of the Gokaiger figuarts - unlike Silver her price doesn't justify the lack of interesting accessories. However this shouldn't be considered a knock against her - anyone looking to buy Gokai Pink is really only going to be buying her for two reasons;
  1. She's your favourite Gokaiger
  2. You're looking to complete the team
And in both instances, I can't see you being disappointed with the figure. The sculpt and physique are perfect, and there's still plenty going on with Gokai Pink to put her a cut above most other action figures from other toylines. These six figures look absolutely fantastic together and are without a doubt the best Power Rangers/Sentai toys to have been released.

All I have to say is "Come on Bandai, bring on the Dekarangers!"

Super Hero Time: September 2011 - February 2012


Paolo1350 said...

You said it best with reason number 1. I am so jealous right now, I sooooooooo want her right now to go with Gokai Red.

Alex said...

If she's your fave I say she's definitely worth dropping the money for then. She's a great figure and would look really good with Red :)