Saturday 4 February 2012

Custom Figure: Dalek Zeg

This is a custom I've wanted to do for god knows how long, but the fact classic 1964 Daleks don't come cheap on eBay hasn't sped the process along. Anyway I finally managed to get one for a reasonable price and have created what was not only one of (if not the) first red Daleks in Dalek history, but also the first Dalek ever to have a given name. I present to you...Zeg the invincible!

In the TV21 comic strip he originated from, Zeg was a Dalek inventor who conducted experiments to strengthen the Daleks' Dalekanium casing. After a lab accident he went through a transformation that made him almost invincible. He named his new red casing 'Metalert'.

Believing he should rule the Daleks, Zeg challenged the Emperor for supremacy. Untouched by even the black Dalek (the emperor's second in command) it was decided that both the emperor and Zeg should duel to the death. In an intense battle through the landscapes of Skaro, Zeg withstood attacks from both acid and mercury. He was eventually killed when the emperor froze him with liquid oxygen, the extreme cold freezing Zeg and then crushing him upon contact with heat.

This custom was done using a Character Options classic 1964 Dalek as a base, and then using Humbrol red enamel paint and Revell gold enamel. I am extremely pleased with the outcome, as its the most extensive repainting I've ever done to a Dalek. The downside is I now really want to get a few more classic Daleks to make some TV21 drones, and that won't come cheap!

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful model - I'm so jealous. I have fond memories of Zeg the Invincible. I was 8 years old when that strip was published and dalekmania was still high. The excitement when a new issue of TV21 came out was incredible. I remember turning straight to the back page to the Dalek strip. I so wanted Zeg to defeat the emperor... Ah memories.