Wednesday 15 February 2012

Toybox REVIEW: S.H. Figuarts Gokai Silver

As the Gokaiger series draws to a close in Japan the sixth member of the pirate crew, Gokai Silver, sees his turn to be immortalised in Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line! While one of the last to be released (alongside Pink), Silver is in the fourth of six to be a mass release - the two girls being relegated to Tamashii web exclusive status.

As is the usual standard with Super Sentai's "extra" heroes, Gokai Silver sports a slightly different aesthetic to the other five...and a shinier paint job to boot. The visor area is a bit dark, but other than that the helmet is excellent. The shiny silver and gold paint on the jacket and cuffs compliment the matte black finish of the jumpsuit part nicely, and certainly make Silver stand out in a display with his crew mates. As usual the level of posability is superb, which suits the ever excitable Gai Ikari perfectly.

Gokai Silver is packaged with a total of 11 additional hands (including ones to replicate his roll call pose), the Gokai Cellular, an unfolded Gokai Silver ranger key and his weapon of choice, the Gokai spear, in both spear and rifle forms. While these are nice additions to the figure, I can't help feel that there is one of two things missing. Firstly, there is no unfolded ranger key, meaning that no key can be inserted into the weapon or cellular (however given the size of the cellular this is somewhat understandable) like in show. However to make up for the cellular situation a tiny gold mode anchor key could have been included to plug into the bottom, much like the folded ranger keys plug into the standard Gokaigers' mobirates. No gold mode key was included, but a hidden feature on the Gokai spear suggests that perhaps we may see more of gold mode in the future. The trident blades are removable, and can be reversed to make up the spear's Anchor mode, which of course was used exclusively by Gokai Silver Gold mode. A hint toward a (probably Tamashii web exclusive) gold mode parts set in the future? Who knows, but it's always fun to speculate. Unfortunately Gokai Silver does not include his Gojyujin darin, possibly because it is larger piece than the others. Still,unless it sees a future release it's disappointing that the Kanzen GokaiOh cockpit can't be recreated.

While his accessory count may be a little lower than his predecessors, but the figure itself has just as much (if not more so) charm than the rest. With an excellent selection of hands, a great paintjob and potential hinting of an upgrade set in the future, Gai Ikari really does have his moment in the silver spotlight in the form of Figuarts Gokai Silver. If you were only to buy two of the Gokaiger figuarts, I would recommend Silver as one of those not only because, as a mass release, he would  be far easier to obtain, but also because of the difference in design and paint to the others.

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