Wednesday 12 October 2011

Toybox REVIEW: S.H. Figuarts Gokai Red

The wait is finally over. After several months of waiting and a pretty frantic scramble for preorders the hotly anticipated Figuarts Gokai Red has arrived. The Gokaigers are the second Super Sentai team to be released in the Figuarts line (after the Shinkengers) and Red is the first to be released of the 6 (Blue, Green and Silver are mass releases, whilst Yellow and Pink are Tamashii web exclusives).

Much like Figuarts Shinken Red, Bandai have really outdone themselves on the sculpt. Every detail from the suit is on show and the colours are replicated well (the gold is a little duller than the show versions of the suit, but any brighter and they probably would have had to be chrome which would not only look garish but ruin the overall aesthetic of the figure). The suit's collar is made of a softed plastic, which is good as it means it isn't brittle and gets in the way when posing parts of Gokai Red around that area. The joints are much like the ones Shinken Red had, only this time they aren't quite as tight and complicated posing doesn't make you feel like you're about to snap the toy's limbs off. The wrist balls for the alternate hands also require significantly less force (although this may vary figure to figure, I'm not sure), yet nothing is loose and everything fits on snugly and more importantly, stays on.

Gokai Red's accessories include the Gokai gun and saber (each with hinged key barrels), the mobirates, a folded and unfolded ranger key, alternate "key inserted" barrels for the gun and sword, a wide variety of alternate hands and a nifty cross armed piece to do a proper arms crossed pose (not matter how much you try, the articulated arms will never do it justice). While I think Shinken Red's accessory count was a little more impressive, you can't argue that Gokai Red comes with everything he should come with and more. The level of detail these relatively small accessories have is staggering...the folded ranger key even fits in the mobirates! A word of warning though, as you can imagine the keys are TINY, so are not only delicate, but could also be lost extremely easily.

The first release of Gokai Red also comes with the Gokai Darin (or if you'd prefer, the Gokai Galleon wheel). Packed in its own separate box, the Gokai Darin is highly detailed, and the wheel itself is free spinning. While it may not seem like much on its own (although it's a pretty great bonus if you ask me), it will look brilliant alongside the wheels included with Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow.

Gokai Red is a brilliant figure, and a must have for all fans of the show and Super Sentai fans in general. If you want the wheel included, I suggest buying the figure as soon as possible because it's in pretty high demand. To those into the S.H. figuarts line but not so much the Sentai side of things, I'd definitely give this figure a look because it's a hell of a lot of fun, and would look great on display even without his team mates.

In short - buy Gokai Red. Captain Marvelous has spoken.

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Love to buy this Gokai Red. Its simply amazing. I really like it.

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