Saturday 8 October 2011

Toybox REVIEW: Engine Sentai Go-Onger mini-pla Gunbir-Oh

At long last, my Go-Onger mini-pla mecha collection is complete! My final review in the series, and the 2nd mini-pla to be released is Gunbir-Oh - consisting of Go-On Green's partner Birca, Go-On Black's partner Gunpherd and the partner-less Carrigator. The set is made up of four boxes - with Carrigator taking up two of the boxes.

I personally find that the engines that make up Gunbir-Oh don't need any additional paint as such for extra accuracy, but the silver engine parts on Birca and Gunpherd look much much better painted than they do stickered. On the subject of the stickers, BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN APPLYING THEM. The stickers used for each of their eyes (and to be honest, most of Birca too) are TINY, and could be lost or broken extremely easy. My Carrigator's right eye didn't come off the sticker sheet properly, and was pretty much rendered unusable. I managed to paint him a pretty good substitute eye (which I have thus christened his gimpy eye) but its still an example of the level of care applying the stickers to the figures need, especially if you've bought the (what I've found to be) slightly cheaper quality Hong Kong reissues.

As far as the single engines go Carrigator has the most going for him. Being made up of two separate boxes, he's significantly larger than both Birca and Gunpherd, sporting lots of moveable flaps and even a posable jaw! Better, still, both Birca and Gunpherd can also ride on top of him! That's not to say Birca and Gunpherd are without their own features though, the 'animal' part of Birca is able to spin around freely and Gunpherd's front part is able to extend forward (this is more for use in Gunbir-Oh mode though).

Gunbir-Oh himself is pretty simply to put together, simply standing Carrigator upright, folding the head down then plugging the arms in the corresponding sockets. I don't know if this is an issue with all Gunbir-Ohs, but I found mine's legs to be quite floppy, and combined with his strange feet this makes him a little difficult to pose. Arms-wise there isn't a lot to do either, since Gunbir-Oh doesn't actually have any hands. You can get some great firing or blade cutting poses from him, but that's about it. Still, the figure itself looks great, and fits nicely among his Go-Onger brethren.

So, final thoughts? Gunbir-Oh is an excellent figure, but much like my Engine-Oh he suffers from a few problems which prevents him from being truly brilliant. I have no regrets in buying the figure though, and it feels good to have all four Go-Onger mecha sitting proudly on my shelf. The big question is, where do I go from here? I think the Goseiger candy toys might be calling me...

EXTRA: And of course, now that I own all four mecha I can finally show off the G6, G9 and G12 combinations! I don't really have a lot to say about them, because as you can imagine as you add more and more to the body the posability becomes less and less (G9 and G12 are pretty back-heavy too, but not to the point where they'll fall over). However, that doesn't change the fact that all the combinations are extremely well executed and G12 himself is HUGE for a candy toy (see the comparison pic with Gokai-Oh below for reference). One thing I will say though is that, if like me, you don't have the instructions on hand when it comes to making the combinations (although G6 is simple enough) be prepared for a lot of guesswork - I had to consult some video reviews before I worked out how Jumbowhale attached to Speedor, and then even more before I worked out how the hell Kishamoth was involved.

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