Wednesday 10 March 2010

Toybox REVIEW: Kotobukiya Gurren Lagann Plain Model series King Kittan

Following on from last week's Dayakkaiser review, here we have a look at another one of Kotobukiya's Gurren Lagann model kits. This time its the almighty gunmen of the eldest of the Black siblings and one time leader of the Dai-Gurren dan Kittan, the fearsome King Kittan!

Again like the Dayakkaiser its a very simple snap together model kit that can be achieved in 6 easy steps, so not particuarly challenging. However unlike with the Dayakkaiser where you could probably get away with not painting the kit due to the sheer amount of black detailing on the King Kittan painting is a necessity. I painted the parts before I put the kit together, so I'll have to borrow someone else's picture of an unpainted kit just to illustrate my point (and that can be found here). The weapons you could get away with not painting but if you have to do so much of the body you may as well go the extra mile and make them look good too. Thankfully the painting proved to be far easier to do than it did on the Dayakkaiser so what seems like a daunting task isn't too hard after all. Additionally, if your kit is anything like mine you will need to glue the eyes in because mine just wouldn't stay still.

Once again articulation isn't much - ball joints in the legs, arms and feet. However it is possible to add Revoltech joints to the arms of the figure so I'm going to give that a try to see if I can't give the figure a little more personality (its also pretty in scale with Revoltech Gurren!).

As one of the few (but not only, but the figurine version is MUCH smaller I believe) methods to get a King Kittan this model really is a must have to fans, as its one of the best mecha of one of the best characters in the series (both who are rather underrated). It's also basically a robot version of the 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time' banana, making it doubly awesome for the lulz too!

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