Monday 1 March 2010

Toybox REVIEW: Kotobukiya Gurren Lagann Plain Model series Dayakkaiser

This won't be a lengthy review since there's not really a lot to say about this model kit, but it was definitely worth mentioning since its nice to see a company giving some of the lower tier gunmen some love (a King Kittan is also available in this series, and this is probably the only way to actually own a Dayakkaiser in any shape or form).

Anyway moving on, the trust personal gunman of Dayakka and then later Kiyoh and Yoko is immortalized in the form of a snap together model kit! The kit of made of very few parts and is put together in only 7 easy to follow steps, so the building is a walk in the park to beginners and experienced model builders alike. While the kit doesn't NEED painting, if you wish to give the gunman full detail you will require blue paint (which can be bought in a set of gunmen paints, but buying Citadel's "Enchanted Blue" from your nearest Games Workshop is exactly the same and is MUCH cheaper) for the arms and cannon, and also black and red for the extra detail. My paint skills are hardly the best, and I made a few mistakes but after a few hours and a lot of paint remover I had my Dayakkaiser in a presentable fashion and ready for action!

Articulation-wise there's not much to say since its a model kit and not an action figure, but the arms, legs and feet are all attached by ball joints so its not completely static. If you're a fan of Gurren Lagann and have been looking for some of the less popular mechs, then this is definitely for you since, as I stated earlier, its probably your only way to own a Dayakkaiser. And for such a reasonable price (I paid £9 inc. shipping from Japan for mine) you really can't go wrong!


keeper said...

really nice! I just finished king kittan and I just bought dayakkaiser today! can't wait.

Alex said...

Great, you won't be disappointed!