Tuesday 30 June 2009

Toybox REVIEW: Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Chromia

Or "the Blue Arcee bike" if you'd prefer. Yes, this character is only Chromia in toy form, as in the movie it was opted for the Arcee bikes to be a single entity (but since this isn't explicitly stated in the movie, I like to think otherwise). Her alt mode is obviously a blue motorcycle, with some pretty cool looking cybertronian (?) symbol decor. The bike even has a kick stand for those who prefer to display the figure in bike mode.

Onto the transformation. Well, given that I knew what her robot mode looked like I didn't expect there to be that much involvement in her transformation, but to be honest I was suprised as alot seems to move around and I found myself quite confused when it came to her torso.

The bot mode, unfortuntely, isn't alot home to shout home about. I really WANTED to like it, because after seeing her onscreen I thought they were really interesting and original designs, but I can't help but feel somewhat underwhelmed. Obviously, because she has no legs she is incapable of standing on her own, but not to worry...Hasbro have provided a "snap on cannon" that also doubles as a weapons stand! There's an alternate method to use the stand so that it cannot be seen from the front, but due to her humongous gun arm, this makes posing pretty much impossible so I'm not a fan of it.

In conclusion? Well out of the 5 proper ROTF toys I have so far she's certainly not the best. In fact, its a toss up between her and Soundwave for the worst. If you're not a completist or not looking to get the 3 Arcee bike bots for the apparent combined mode (which did not appear in the movie) then you can happily skip this one, you wont be missing alot.

Comparison with TF1 deluxe Arcee figure

And with pimp daddy Ironhide.

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