Wednesday 17 June 2009

Toybox REVIEW: Revoltech Gurren & Lagann

My second toy review! Gurren, the mighty gunmen of Lord Kamina and its tiny partner Lagann, belonging to Kamina's blood brother Simon.

Numbering at 066 in the Revoltech Yamaguichi line, Gurren & Lagann are the latest in the long line of both Revoltech Gurren Lagann figures, preceded by Gurren Lagann (and its fully drillized version), Enki/du/dudu, Lazengann, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Fraulein Yoko, and the line itself. As with most Revoltech figures, it comes with a heap of accessories - 4 alternate pairs of hands for Gurren, a 'shades' faceplate and 'shades' blade weapon and even alternate faces, drill hands and drill bottom for the tiny Lagann figure.

Articulation is absolutely top notch, as it the standard for Revoltech figures. The alternate hands seem easier to place in then they were on previous figures, and I hope this continues into future releases. Both figures are perfectly scaled aside the Revoltech Gurren Lagann figure, with Gurren's short limbs and Lagann being roughly the size of GL's head. My only warning would be that Lagann is TINY, so be very careful not to lose him.

The set even came with a mini assemble borg figure, which other than being a lovely shade of transparent purple isnt that interesting (mine came missing a hand!). I suppose it's great for collectors though.

With Arc Gurren Lagann and Choujinga (or Super Galaxy) Gurren Lagann facing a July release, I can't wait to own every incarnation of the titual mecha from this fantastic anime series. The Revoltech line continues to astound me. 5/5 without hestitation. A MUST HAVE for both fans of the series and mecha collectors.

Don't believe me? Check out the pictures for yourself...

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