Sunday 21 December 2014

Custom Figure: The Christmas Tree Dalek

Custom Christmas tree Dalek

It's been a while since I last did a custom painted Dalek - not so much because I've had no desire to do one but more that the much nicer to paint 5" figures are becoming harder and harder to find cheap. However after being linked to a custom Christmas Davros figure over on Facebook, my girlfriend suggested to me the idea of making my own Christmas Dalek as a present for her mother (a fellow Doctor Who fan who I have many a discussion with). So that got my brain ticking on how I could successfully mash Daleks and the holiday season, and here is what I came up with...

The Christmas tree Dalek

From the frontFrom the back

From one side......and the other

The Christmas Tree Dalek is repainted from a standard 5" 2010 Dalek Drone figure from Character Options/Underground Toys, which is no longer in production but still not difficult to find on eBay for a relatively decent price. The plan was to make it as gaudy/campy as possible like any good Christmas tree should be, so I turned to pretty much every colour I had in my paintbox to make it happen. The green is a mix of two different shades, while I used silver, gold, pink, white, orange, metallic blue and metallic red for the baubles and lights. The base and middle sections were painted with a pound shop bottle of red glitter paint, which took forever to dry but managed to stick onto the plastic rather nicely. The finishing touches were a candy cane pattern arm, and a small star charm glued to the top of the dome just to get that Christmas tree effect perfect.

Once all the painting was done, I sealed the paints with hairspray since I was a bit pushed for time and didn't have a chance to do a hand brushed gloss coat like I usually would. Seems to work just as well though - I was worried the glitter would start to flake off but its been a few days later and the Dalek is looking just as fabulous as ever.


No loss of poseabilityCandy cane plungerBaubles close up

This custom was A LOT of fun to do, so much that I was a little bit sad that I had to give it away! Luckily the recipient loves it so I know that he's gone to a good home (that, and I should be seeing him every few years as a regular Christmas ornament when I visit). It's really got me in the mood to do some more festive-themed Dalek designs in future years, providing I can get my hands on some more 5" figures as I think they'd look a lot nicer (not to mention easier to paint) than the 3.75" ones. A snowman Dalek, a Santa many possibilities!

The Daleks gather around the tree

I have a few more posts that will hopefully go up in the next few days, but should real life get in the way of that I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year from My Shiny Toy Robots! Thank you for all of your support!

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