Wednesday 27 March 2013

Legend Ranger Key Set: Go-Busters 02

Go-Busters Ranger Key Set 02 Super Sentai Bandai

This is a ranger key set that's been out for a quite a while now and I've never got around to getting. But thanks to Hobby Link Japan's amazing sale recently, I managed to pick up the second Go-Busters Legend Ranger Key set for as little as £3 (plus shipping)! This second set features the Beet Buster and Stag Buster keys, who were introduced into Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters midway into the show. Rounding the set off to three keys is a Beet J Stag buddyroid key.

Go-Busters Ranger Key Set 02 Packaging FrontGo-Busters Ranger Key Set 02 Packaging Back

The packaging is very similar to that seen with the first Go-Busters key set, only this time swapping the yellow backing card for a cooler blue colour and replacing the "It's Time for Buster" slogan with the more appropriate "Boost Up for Buster".

Go-Busters Beet Buster Ranger Key Bandai Super Sentai

Go-Busters Stag Buster Ranger Key Bandai Super SentaiGo-Busters Beet J Stag Buddyroid Key Super Sentai Bandai

Go-Busters Ranger Key Set 2 Flipped

One thing that's a little disappointing with this set is that the Beet and Stag Buster keys aren't metallic, with the gold and silver colouring more orange and grey. While I don't consider this a necessity (after all, none of the other gold/silver ranger keys are metallic), its only striking here because the Beet J Stag key DOES have a number of gold/silver paint applications and thus kind of puts the other two to shame.

Go-Busters Ranger Keys Bandai Super Sentai

While inserting these keys into the original release Mobirates will just yield the "special ranger key" noises, putting them in the Legends release will activate the Go-Busters sounds and bio (if activated in encylopaedia mode).

Beet Buster Meets Magi Yellow Ranger Key Bandai

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