Friday 8 March 2013

Character Building Doctor Who Microfigures Series 3: Amy Pond and Sontaran

We're back again with another two series 3 figures from Character Building's Doctor Who microfigures collection. One is an alternate costume of a (repeatedly) released figure, while the other is an all new addition to the line. The figures are companion Amy Pond and a Sontaran trooper, both of whom are uncommon rarity.

Series 3's version of Amy comes from the episode Day of the Moon, donned in an all-black costume and a face covered in tally markings. To be honest there isn't a whole lot to say about this figure, because other than the tally marks (which aren't all uniform so its a nice touch), there's very little detail going on. That being said, there's more variety here than the difference between previous Amy Pond figures.

The Sontaran trooper on the other hand is a much more interesting figure, and an alien race that's been long overdue a microfigure. Sadly this Sontaran is helmet only, with a helmetless version coming out in a multi-pack at some point later this year. I don't think it would have been difficult for it to have a removable helmet, but that being said there isn't any precedent for such things and why do it when you can easily sell two different figures? There's good moulding on the armour section, although its shoulder pads do limit the arm movement somewhat. The Sontaran comes packed with a decently sized battle rifle.

So that's 10 down and only 2 to go! Hopefully the final two figures I need (Madam Kovarian and the Judoon trooper) won't take too long to get, although I shan't hold my breath as they are both rare figures. Fingers crossed!

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Neil said...

I searched ebay for character building dr who a while ago - got a box full of them now.

but you can never have enough daleks

found you via lain mclumpha on twitter to blog to comment