Friday 20 April 2012

Toybox REVIEW: LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes The Joker

Who can have a Batman without a Joker? When I received the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman set (#4526), I was ecstatic to see I was also given his arch nemesis for him to be posed with/battle against. Like Batman, the DC Universe Super Heroes Joker set (#4527) can be combined with the Green Lantern set (#4528) to create a powered up Joker.

The Joker is made up of slightly more parts than Batman - 57 as opposed to Batman's 40 (although there were a few spare pieces left over when I was finished building). Once you build the skeleton frame, armour pieces clip on to make out the bulk of the Joker. Save for the small orange spikes decorating the shoulders, there aren't any small pieces making up the Joker himself (there is however a bag of small pieces in the box for the weapon).

One thing I have to commend on this kit is the head, they absolutely nailed it. From the rubbery hair to the glaring eyes and huge grin, LEGO couldn't have done any better in portraying the Joker's insanity. With lots of ball and socket making up the frame, Joker has plenty of articulation to show off with a full range of movement in the head,shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and feet. The spiked shoulder pads are also on a ball joint so can be moved around to prevent constricting arm movement.

Hanging from Joker's back are two articulated tail coat pieces, which are a nice touch and add quite a bit more character to the kit. Joker's weapon of choice is an oversized pistol, which is held together by smaller LEGO technic (is it even called that any more?) pieces and made of up of some rather nifty-yet-garish translucent neon yellow and orange pieces. Its far more fitting to the character than Batman's dual swords, and is a nice accessory to give the Joker some fun poses.

Batman was a fun figure, but The Joker is even better. The headsculpt is brilliant, the clashing colours reflect the Clown Prince of Crime's dress sense and the weapon looks good and is actually fitting to the character. I've not played around with the Green Lantern to be able to judge, but it has some very stiff competition to be as fun as this figure.

Now I just need to get myself a Green Lantern to super power my Joker.

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