Friday 23 September 2011

Toybox REVIEW: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger mini-pla Furaimaru

Finally! Another Gokai machine has arrived! The bad news is, if you were planning on buying a case to get this guy, he's being sold with releases of all the other earlier Gokai Machines, and since Furaimaru only takes up 2 boxes you'll be getting quite a lot of excess figures. However, there are a few ebay sellers that are selling this guy separately at a more than reasonable price, so he's not too hard to find at all without the excess baggage. Anyway moving on, the new addition to the Gokaiger arsenal is none other than Furaimaru, who originally appeared in the series Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger. And when pirates and ninjas unite, the most powerful shuriken arsenal under heaven is made manifest...HurricaneGokaiOh!

Standalone the Furaimaru minipla is by far and large the best Gokai machine the line has presented so far, and one of the best in the Gokaiger range (Personally I think he's second only to Gozyujin). He has an excellent range of articulation (shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and feet) and comes with a a vast array of foldable shuriken. Also included is the giant one that he flies around on (I apologise if this has a name), which freely spins and can be fixed to the figure's back. Unlike any of the other figures in the line where I've felt paint SOMEWHERE could improve the figure, the stickers do everything they need to do and paint isn't really required for accuracy unless its a personal preference to paint rather than use stickers.

To create HurricaneGokaiOh, Furaimaru's components must be taken apart. The head crest is moved down over Furaimaru's face to create the HurricaneGokaiOh face/helmet, the torso is flipped around and plugged into GokaiOh's chest and the arms and legs are plugged into the corresponding sockets. Finally the shuriken weapons are unfolded to complete HurricaneGokaiOh. If you prefer HurricaneGokaiOh without the huge shuriken everywhere (something I dislike in the show, but I think the toy pulls it off pretty well), just use the chest component and arm HurricaneGokaiOh with the giant shuriken instead!

Again, like the individual component HurricaneGokaiOh is extremely satisfying. He has the same bulky, imposing look as ShinkenGokaiOh, but feels a lot less cumbersome, is easier to pose AND uses all of the GokaiOh components. Perhaps not my favourite GokaiOh combination, but all things considered probably the best.

I wasn't expecting to like Furaimaru as much as I do, and am completely blown away by how good he is. As one of the best figures in the line, I'd go as far as calling him an essential purchase. If you only get ONE Gokai machine minipla (although why would you since they're packed together), make it this one. Ninjas and pirates truly are a winning combination.

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