Wednesday 10 August 2011

Toybox REVIEW: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger mini-pla Gojyujin

Following on from the first set of Gokai machines, the next mecha from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger to receive the candy toy mini-pla treatment is Gojyujin - the personal mecha of the latest Gokaiger, Gokai Silver. Armed with the great powers of TimeRanger, ZyuRanger and Abaranger, Gojyujin is able to transform into three distinct modes - the GozyuDrill spaceship (TimeRanger), the dinosaur GozyuRex (ZyuRanger) and then the robot mode, Gojyujin (Abaranger). Armed with a giant drill that opens up to reveal a spear, its finishing attack is the Gojyu Triple Drill Dream. This candy toy is made up of three boxes - one containing the legs, another the torso and head, and then the final the arms.

Overall, Gojyujin doesn't particularly need any painting as the stickers bring out a lot of the details in the model, but then there are a few areas to pay attention if you want that extra bit of accuracy. The drill especially, as it sorely lacks the gold detailing on the drill's spiral. The feet could also benefit from a lick of paint, as personally I find the claw stickers somewhat lackluster looking even if you apply them perfectly (the same applied for MagiDragon and GaoLion), and the teeth of the GojyuRex head look much better with some silver if you feel like a bit of detailing. Assembly is very straightforward, with the instructions for each part well illustrated on the inside of each box. When all three parts are complete, put them all together and your very own Gojyujin is ready to battle evil!

To begin with we'll look at the figure's various transformations (instructions for which are supplied on a separate leaflet with each box). While the transformations do require a bit of parts swapping (the arms need to be removed each time you transform it), this is actually accurate the Gojyujin's portrayal in the show and therefore not so much of a huge issue - the mini-pla even manages to retain the openable chest compartment for the head and the moveable prongs on the head. The GozyuDrill mode doesn't have a lot to it, and therefore is probably the weakest of the three modes (but then its the least used in the show ANYWAY), but even then its extremely accurate and quite long. To transform it the legs fold back behind the torso, and lock nicely into holes provided. The dinosaur head/right arm goes to the back of the ship and the drill is applied to the front.

The GojyuRex has much more play value, and probably my favourite of Gojyujin's three modes. The legs are bent and the torso hunched forward, the drill arm attached to the back as the tail, the dinosaur head plugged in at the top and finally the spindly dinosaur arms attached to the side of the torso. Along with the arms' basic range of motion, the dinosaur jaw is also articulated (although opening it too wide reveals a very obvious fist).

Finally there is Gojyujin, which is the assembled mode if you've been following the model instructions. As is the standard with the miniplas', this version of Gojyujin displays articulation that the DX version can only dream about (but obviously doesn't have the DX's spinning gimmick). The drill itself can spin if pushed, and opens up to reveal the spear weapon. As an added bonus, the arms can be removed and attached to Gokaiger (a formation which has yet to d├ębut in the show). To be perfectly honest, it isn't that impressive - but that's hardly the fault of the toy, as it won't look impressive in the show either).

To conclude - as much as I love my GokaiOh minipla, Gojyjin is definitely the stand out winner of the Gokaiger mini-plas so far. The execution of the three modes is flawless, the figure is well built and detailed, and most importantly tons of fun to play and mess about with. A must buy for all Gokaiger fans, and worth checking out if you're a fan of transforming robot dinosaurs too.

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