Wednesday 6 July 2011

Toybox REVIEW: Revoltech Alexander Jagi

In the second of my Revoltech Detroit Metal City reviews is the band's bassist and background vocalist, Alexander Jagi (real name Masayuki Wada). While this fact is not shown in the OVAs or movie, he also isn't a huge fan of the music DMC plays, instead preferring to be in a 'visual kei' band - but like Negishi/Krauser he is also afraid of their insane manager.

Jagi, much like Krauser, boasts an impressive sculpt that does his character justice. He is mostly black and white, but the silver sequin/studded parts and red 'eyes' of his costume help break the colour scheme up nicely. The hair on both heads (again, like Krauser) is an excellent two-tone of yellow and orange. The wing piece on the back of his costume can be removed and is also useful for holding his bass (which is the shape of a Gibson Thunderbird). Once attached, the long guitar strap provides plenty of movement for the guitar so a wide variety of poses are possible.

Besides the bass guitar, the figure includes 2 sets of alternate hands, an alternate screaming face, a microphone with stand (something I felt Krauser could have probably benefited from too) and a flame piece that can be attached to the stand to recreate his fire-breathing activities. As far as problems with the figure go, the very much the same ones that Krauser had. While his balance is a lot better than Krauser's (probably due to the absence of a cape) it's still not brilliant, and especially hard if you're using the stand for a flame piece rather than on the figure. Some of the joints are particularly obvious and spoil the overall feel of the figure - particularly in the hips and ankles.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting Revoltech to put as much love into Jagi or Camus as they did for Krauser, after all he is the centrepiece of DMC. However Alexander Jagi is just as good a figure as Krauser, and definitely worth picking up at the price he can be bought for nowadays. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how Camus turns out.

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