Sunday 10 July 2011

Custom Figure: Damaged Dalek Drone

This was done as a birthday present for my girlfriend (who clearly has excellent taste since she asked me to do it). Was harder than I expected it to be, given that the new thing with the new daleks is that they look so shiny and clean. The paint just seemed to slide off the red, so I found myself having to chip the red away before I could get the paint to stick. My rust effect still needs a lot of work, but I'm quite happy with how this turned out. It was excellent practice for The Only Good Dalek Strategist (from the graphic novel of the same name) I have planned.

I mainly used Citadel paints for this custom (mythril silver and chaos black). The brass and browns were Revell paints.

The inspiration behind my design was that a Dalek ship had crash landed on an uninhabited planet with only one survivor. The drone patiently awaits orders from higher ups, but is never going to get any. It tries to follow the primary Dalek function, but with no-one to enslave it can't even do that. It is entirely alone, and essentially wanders an empty planet. It has no proper means of repairing itself, and its casing is beginning to rust and disintegrate. The silver panels are where the Dalek has lost panels in its travels, and thus replaced them with metal taken from the crashed ship battered into the same shape (obviously these panels don't retain the functionality proper ones do).

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