Wednesday 30 March 2011

Toybox REVIEW: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger mini-pla GokaiOh

Continuing my Power Rangers/Super Sentai kick is the first toy I've bought from the series that has started this whole phase off - Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. This is the 35th anniversary series of Super Sentai, complete with a pirate motif and a team with the ability to change into any of the 35 Sentai teams. From Bandai, this a collection of candy toy model kits of their mecha - the Gokai Galleon (Red), Gokai Jet (Blue), Gokai Racer (Green), Gokai Trailer (Yellow) and Gokai Marine (Pink). The name 'candy toy' is a very loose term though, given how each box only contains one measly piece of candy...

While single sets are likely to be available on eBay, the cheapest option is probably to pick up an entire case of these candy toys. This will give you 10 boxes (nicely packed into 2 of each version, so you'll definitely have an extra set). Whether you choose to sell the second set off (like I did) or keep it so that you can pose them in both vehicle and combined mode is entirely up to you. Luckily the figures aren't blind packed (each box is different) so its quite clear which one is which.

Each vehicle is a model kit, so when you open the boxes you do have to put them together (the instructions are printed on the inside of the boxes) and sticker them yourself. While the models themselves are very simple, there is an incredible amount of stickering required given how the plastic is usually moulded in just one colour). Many of the stickers are large and quite easy to apply, but there are a few smaller details on some (especially the Gokai galleon) and a lot that require being wrapped around parts, which can be tricky if done carelessly. However the end result is very satisfying, having built your own Gokai vehicles complete with (some) moving parts.

When combined, these vehicles form the mighty GokaiOh, the main mecha of Gokaiger. What's notable about the candy toy range of Sentai mecha is that they actually have articulation, as opposed to the DX versions which can move their arms....and that's about it. This version of GokaiOh has a movable head, along with shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and feet joints. Obviously this means that the candy toy version can pull off far more action poses than the DX version could ever dream of, so there are plenty of opportunities for some dual-sword wielding action. The toy even replicates the opening chest (along with the cannon) alongside the opening ports in the limbs, ready for when the auxiliary mecha are released in this format.

If you're looking for a smaller, cheaper option to GokaiOh and don't mind a whole lot of stickering, than this is certainly the option for you. My only recommendation is that you paint the swords gold, because if anything they certainly require it the most (the yellow plastic they are moulded in is horrible). Otherwise this is a fantastic toy and certainly worth picking up if you're a fan of the series and enjoy a little more posability in your Power Rangers/Sentai toys.


Unknown said...

Gokai Marine had an extra part, do you know what's that for?

Alex said...

Yeah, it's a very poor looking cannon piece for the chest. The re-release had a much better cannon.