Saturday 12 February 2011

Toybox REVIEW: Doctor Who Classics 'Resurrection of the Daleks' boxset

I may have skipped over reviewing the 'Remembrance' of the Daleks set (one word: PERFECT) due it being 3 repaints and 1 remould (but an excellent one at that), but this set has a little more variety to it. Based on the 1984 story 'Resurrection of the Daleks', this one is comprised of the Doctor, the Dalek supreme, a standard Dalek drone and, most importantly, our first classic Davros figure.

This set's Doctor figure is (obviously) the 5th Doctor, who's already received his fair share of figures in the line. Despite 5 being my least favourite Doctor, I have to say that he has one of the best sculpts so far. It's a dead ringer for Peter Davison, and the clothes are the perfect representation of his series attire. That's not to say the other Doctors have been bad, because they've all been brilliant, but this one definitely stands out. My own gripe is I feel the figure should have come with some sort of accessory - maybe not a sonic screwdriver, but perhaps the gun he uses to threaten Davros in the story's climax.

Obviously the star of this set is Davros. Based on the Terry Molloy version of the character (Resurrection was Molloy's first appearance as Davros) the figure has very limited articulation, mainly only in the one arm and head. The sculpt however is magnificent and really looks like Molloy's iteration of the character. The figure even has a bonus feature - by pressing a hidden switch on one of the spheres a panel pops off on the side of the chair, revealing some circuitry details. Perfect for recreating those scenes from episode one of the story.

By now there's not a lot to say about the Daleks - any one who reads this blog will know my feelings about the classic Dalek figures by now. The supreme Dalek looks stunning, which is especially good for me as its my favourite supreme Dalek from the classic series. The drone however sadly isn't so good. Its clear that the Dalek mould is beginning to run its course, as a few quality control problems were present in mine (and after looking round the internet, others have been affected too). Firstly, the figure was forced in the packaging in such a way that the eyestalk is completely bent, leaving my Dalek to view things at an angle (it can bend back with a bit of force and doesn't break, but eventually returns to that angle). Secondly the top neck ring is also bent, leaving a gaping hole in the side of my Dalek. Looks quite good from a battle damage point of view, but I would not expect a figure to arrive in this condition. Hopefully any Daleks released in the future won't suffer from the same problems. The QC problems can be seen below.

All in all this set is amazing, simply amazing. Some people may prefer to wait for the Genesis (Michael Wisher) that's coming in the near future, but Molloy fans will not be disappointed by this set. My only suggestion is that if you're picking this set up in-store personally, check the Daleks carefully to make sure that they don't suffer from the same problem my grey one did.

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Anonymous said...

Davison is my favorite doctor! And resurrection is my favorite episode of all time.