Thursday 3 February 2011

Toybox REVIEW: Revoltech Evangelion Evolution Eva Unit 01

To celebrate the 100th figure in the Yamaguchi (basically the main) line of Revoltech figures, Kaiyodo has brought back a popular character from the past. So popular in fact that it's already had several Revoltech figures. Of course, its the titanic purple Eva Unit 01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion. This isn't just a straight re-release though, this new Eva boasts more articulation than any other Revoltech figure that's come before it (according to the Kaiyodo website, 22 moving parts). A worthy figure for the #100 spot? Let's find out.

I can't say that I've checked to see if there really are 22 moving parts in the figure, but it wouldn't surprise me - there are joints all over the place. The are 2 joints and 3 separate moving pieces in the neck alone. The Rebuild 2.0 Evas were pretty articulated already, but this guy takes it even further. What I can't quite understand is the lack of a moving jaw (especially since the Unit 03 figure had one) but with 2 separate heads its not a big issue. The sculpt is perfect - which should be expected really as Kaiyodo have already had numerous versions of the figure in their line-up. Perhaps what sets the figure apart from previous releases is that it glows in the dark! The green paint needs to absorb quite a bit of light for it to show, but when it does glow it really makes the figure look even more menacing. The picture below isn't the best example, but it should give you a good idea of what areas glow exactly.

Speaking of separate heads - Eva 01 comes with a ridiculous amount of accessories. There's the aforementioned extra head, 12 (yes 12) extra hands, the umbilical cable, a prog knife, machine gun and an effect part that can be attached to the head for a bleeding effect. Most importantly though, and what will sell this release to those already in possession of a Revoltech Eva 01 is the inclusion of an angel base/pieces, or Sachiel to be precise. Sachiel not only has an arm that can be attached and posed via a revolver joint, he also has a light up core. Sachiel can be attached to the blood stain base included with the figure (the standard revo base is also included if you prefer) to create a diorama base akin to those included with the SFX Revoltech line. Also included is a piece of broken bone, so that Unit 01 can be posed beating the angel with its own body parts.

Most considered the announcement of #100 to be Eva 01 a massive disappointment, but as I didn't have a Unit 01 figure prior to this I was extremely happy. The figure is superb, and I can't see how Kaiyodo are going to top it when they inevitably release another Unit 01 figure when Evangelion 3.0 is released. A perfect score.

N.B. What I do find frustrating however is Kaiyodo announcing that all the Eva units will be released using this figure design and (supposedly) including angel dioramas just when I've completed the set and am able to do this...

Ah well, they look pretty damn good there don't they?

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