Friday 17 September 2010

Toybox REVIEW: Revoltech SFX Mothra

Mothra seems like an odd yet expected monster to receive a figure in the Revoltech SFX line. As the line seems to have a big thing for kaiju, adding arguably the second biggest creature after Godzilla himself is no surprise. But on the other hand, how much articulation can you give a giant moth? Before we get onto that I’d like to take a moment to discuss the packaging – which itself is a work of beauty. Much like Gamera’s, and I’d imagine the rest of the line too, it’s a beautifully designed box which unless you speak a lick of Japanese offers nothing more than a few pretty pictures. Still, its worth noting and as far as boxes go definitely a keeper.

When it comes to the question posed, as expected the answer is indeed very little. Not that Kaiyodo haven’t tried, but it remains that Mothra’s only points of articulation are his head, abdomen, wings, mouth and (tiny) legs. Nevertheless, this is still one of the most articulated Mothra figures to date and a great representation of the monster. Colourful wings, bright blue eyes – it’s all there.

The lack of articulation is made up by the brilliant diorama included with the figure. Recreating the iconic scene from Mothra’s 1961 debut, the figure includes a miniature destroyed Tokyo tower stand, complete with Mothra’s hatched cocoon. The figure itself can be displayed flying over the destroyed tower or alternatively emerging from its cocoon (the hole in which the revoltech joint is connected can be plugged up if not in use). It’s an extremely nice addition and something that really sets the figure apart from any other Mothra toys that have been produced.

In the end, for a kaiju fan this is a necessary purchase – I mean come on, it’s Mothra. But for the casual collector it’s nothing spectacular. That’s not particularly a knock against it, as it was never really going to be a knock out from the start. But from a line that has already brought us Baragon, Gamera and Gyaos and soon to give us Moguera, Anguiras, Rodan and (rumoured) Gigan, Mothra is more than deserving of her place.

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