Sunday 11 July 2010

Toybox REVIEW: Doctor Who Dalek Ironside

After 4/5 years of great Dalek figures, this very likely is the last use of the RTD Dalek mould. We've seen a mutant reveal Dalek, a genetic hand print Dalek, the Cult of Skaro, Damaged Dalek Thay, an Assault Dalek, a Crucible Dalek, the Supreme One (and probably some I've forgotten to list!) but it all ends with this one....the Ironside.

And what a swan-song it is. From its army green colouring and British flag insignia to its canvas ammunition pouches - the Ironside is one hell of a good figure. The ammunition pouch isn't revmovable unfortunately, but the detailing more than makes up for it. Its at such a level it makes the 2010 New Paradigm Drone Dalek look cheap in comparison. After so many bronze (and now brightly coloured) Daleks its also nice to see the Ironside in a more dull and subdued colour - it reminds me a lot of the 70s grey Daleks from Genesis of the Daleks and such and it makes me wonder how the new series Daleks would have looked had they first appeared in more military colours.

It may be smaller and less colourful - but the Ironside in this reviewer's opinion is leaps and bounds better than what we've seen from the new Dalek toys so far and I'll be sad to stop seeing this kind of Dalek on shelves. Goodnight evil exterminator - you shall be missed.

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