Wednesday 7 July 2010

Toybox REVIEW: Doctor Who New Paradigm Dalek Drone

My opinion of the new Dalek design wavers everyday - one day I'll think its a fantastic homage to the 1960s Peter Cushing Dalek movies and a great update to the classic design, others I'll criticise it for its lack of detail in comparison to its predecessors (the RTD era Daleks) and that it suffers from a significant hunchback. One thing I'm certain is that yellow and orange are awful colour choices, and red is also a bad choice for a standard Dalek drone. But whatever my opinions are, these are the Daleks we'll be seeing for the forseeable future so I'd better get used to it. That aside, let's have a look at what is the first of undoubtedly many uses of this mould to come.

There's not really a lot you can say about a Dalek figure - it has four points of articulation (head, eyestalk, gun, plunger) and has wheels. All of these are as good as they can be, although I'm disappointed that the eyestalk can still only move up and down (as it's now on a ball, I was hoping it would have 360 degree movement or at least go left to right). The sculpt itself, which less detailed than the RTD Daleks is excellent and extremely faithful to the design shown in the series. It even manages to make it look a lot less hunched back! Not only that, but you can really see how big the new Dalek design is - it towers over older Dalek figures and makes their weaponry look like peashooters! It's also a very nice shade of red.

Now I own a lot of Daleks (this is my 74th in fact), and while the drone is a really nice figure at the same time it feels like a bit of a let down. Maybe it's that I'm still sad that the Ironside will probably be the last we see of the RTD design (as a toy I will miss it), maybe it's that these new Daleks haven't fully settled in yet or maybe I just feel spoiled by the sheer amount of fantastic classic Daleks that have been released over the last few years. Whatever it is, it's definitely missing something. That something could, however, be it's colourful brothers....

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