Wednesday 30 June 2010

Toybox REVIEW: Bandai Robot Spirits Nirvash TypeZERO

I've been waiting for this figure for a while. After first watching Eureka Seven I knew I had to get my hands on a Nirvash toy, but with the Robot Spirits Nirvash Spec2 figure fetching such a high price and complaints of it being a rather fiddly toy, I held on a little longer by preordering the spec1 figure and getting a reduced Devilfish to pass me over until June. But now it is June (well, for one more day anyway) and the wait is finally over. The Nirvash typeZERO, the primary mecha of Psalms of the Planets: Eureka Seven is here.

The first thing to point out about the Nirvash is that unlike the Spec2, which had the ability to transform into both jet and car modes and (so I hear) suffered for it, this figure has forsaken the car mode in exchange for more posability, better accessories and best of all, a lower price tag. Coming straight out of the box the figure may seem a little on the small side but that quickly passes after you see its fantastic sculpt which accurately captures the proportions of the Nirvash - bulky torso, skinny legs, big feet etc. The mix of colours really blends well too - white, red, grey, gold, they're all in there an look superbly faithful to the art of the series.

Nirvash's accessories include additional sets of hands (gripping hands and closed fists), boomerang weapons which can be stored in the shoulder pads and a huge rifle, complete with moveable scope and of course, the ref board which no Nirvash figure would be complete without. Best of all though, is that this Nirvash actually comes with a stand! And not just any stand, a fantastically sculpted trapar wave stand molded in translucent green. My only (minor) gripe is that the board attaches to the stand via a peg on the stand, which sadly means older Eureka Seven Robot Spirit figures (i.e. my Devilfish) can't make use of such a great stand. Nevertheless its a very small complaint as I'd have only used to stand with the Devilfish to take some action shots.

To me, this figure wasn't just worth the £30 I paid for it, it surpasses almost every mecha toy I've ever bought and is without a doubt one of my favourite toys I own period. Revoltech Gurren should be afraid, because he may not be holding that top spot much longer.

If you've watched Eureka Seven and buy mecha toys you need this figure. If you haven't watched Eureka Seven and but mecha toys go away, watch Eureka Seven and then buy this.

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