Sunday 20 June 2010

Toybox REVIEW: Revoltech SFX Gamera

The brand new Sci-Fi Revoltech line is devoted to movie characters from both Eastern and Western cinema. So far we've had a Xenomorph (Alien), Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and in the near future we'll be seeing the likes of Batman, Woody and Buzz from Toy Story and even a Jurassic Park T-Rex. But on the Japanese side are some of my most anticipated figures from this line - kaiju. First came Baragon, but hot on his heels were Gamera and Gyaos, and next will be Mothra, Moguera, Anguiras and hopefully more to come. Gamera is my first purchase of the line, and before I even begin the review I can definitely say for sure that I'll be coming back for more!

To start let me just comment on the packaging (which, let's be honest, is a rarity for me) - it is simply gorgeous. Instead of a standard window box this line is treated to velcro sealed book style boxes, with Japanese text (at a guess I'd say either information about the movie or comments from the sculptor - but I don't read Japanese sorry!) and images from Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (my absolute favourite monster movie) covering the inside front. Opening the window cover reveals the figure in all his turtle-y glory. This is the kind of packaging that is perfect for MISB packaging, however I'm not one for that sort of thing (in most cases) and so I opened him up straight away.

My first comment would be that Gamera is indeed a small figure, perhaps too small. Most revoltech figures tower over him, and despite his bulk I wouldn't go as far as saying it makes up for his lack of height. However, Gamera was never the tallest of Kaiju and so scales rather well with his nemesis Gyaos (from what I can tell from photos anyway, I haven't got around to buying the figure just yet). He only contains a few revolver joints - but then there aren't that many to actually place them, and the fantastic posability of his tail just about makes up for it. He does also include a few hinge joints, particularly in his hands (which can be switched between fists and open claws) and his jaw to recreate some great roaring poses. His accessories include and mid-air fireball which snugly fits inside his mouth and a extra crotch piece to incorporate one of the best accessories I've seen on a figure - a rocket exhaust stand! Perfect for launching your very own rocket powered turtle into the stratosphere!

While Gamera is a great and fun figure with tons of personality, his diminutive stature and (in terms of revoltech) lack of posability stops him from hitting the top spot. However, I am very impressed with how the SFX line is shaping up and can't wait to pick up the rest of the kaiju that have been announced. Here's hoping there's a Revoltech Godzilla planned somewhere down the line!

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