Thursday 9 March 2017

Toybox REVIEW: Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes Yellow Ranger & Putty Patroller

RRP: £3 per figure
Where to buy: Available in the UK exclusively from Tesco

Now is truly the age of vinyl toys. What was once a somewhat unique niche even among collectors has now become a global juggernaut, thanks to the like of Funko and their multi-franchise Pop! Vinyl line. However Pops aren’t the only line the brand have on the market, and now the company are tackling blind-bagged figures with their Pint Size Heroes line. Thanks to the wonderful people are Underground Toys we’re taking a look at two figures in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers range, which given the imminent release of the new movie could not have come at a better time. 

Pint Size Heroes are almost identical in shape to Funko’s Dorbz line, albeit at a much smaller size. This is actually far from a bad thing, as both this and a lower price point encourages a more appealing “collect them all” scenario than their larger, more expensive counterparts. Amazingly scaling the figures down doesn’t seem to have had an adverse effect on the paint job whatsoever, with both the figures reviewed here sporting sharp and detailed paint apps. Since articulation isn’t a particularly desired or important feature when it comes to vinyl collectibles, these figures only have one point of articulation – the head, which can rotate a full 360°.

The figures come in small foil bags, whose green colouring perfectly mirrors the branding and packaging for the original show/toys. As well as the Power Rangers and Pint Size Heroes logos the front features images of the White, Green, Pink and Blue rangers while the back shows off the whole range currently available. This first wave features all seven ranger colours as well as Alpha 5, Goldar, Rita Repulsa, a Putty Patroller and finally a special variant edition of the Blue Ranger. The bag also notes the rarity of each one, so collectors will know straight off the bat which are the most sought-after figures.

However open the bag up and you’ll see that that’s not all! Inside each packet is a leaflet that also reveals a number of exclusive figures, which as well as helmetless variants of each ranger (and a variant Red) include fan favourites such as Zordon, Lord Zedd, Finster and Scorpina. In the US these figures have been split among stores such as Walmart, Walgreens and Gamestop, but with only Tesco selling them here in the UK it's currently unknown just how these figures will make it over here (if at all).

With only the shape of the head to tell them apart feeling out the figures without opening them may prove a difficult task (especially when it comes to identifying the rangers), but the bag isn’t so thick that it’s impossible. Two figures were kindly provided for this review – and pulled out were the Yellow Ranger and Putty Patroller!

"Sabre Tooth Tiger!" The first figure on review here is the Yellow Ranger, who feasibly could pass for either version of the character but since the helmetless version just so happens to be Trini we’ll say it’s her. The headsculpt nicely captures the helmet’s tiger motif, with all the correct moulding and the necessary splash of silver paint on the nose and fangs. What’s more impressive though is the paintwork on the body, which has faithfully included all the necessary diamond patterns from the suit – even on the stubby little arms and feet. The morpher has also been nicely painted on the belt, although lacks some of the more intricate detailing (such as the coin itself) due to its small size.

Meanwhile although the Putty Patroller might have a little less moulded detail and paintwork than the Rangers, it’s still an adorable little figure in its own right. In fact in this collectors’ opinion its actually more desirable than the rangers (despite being twice as common), just because villain figures can be so few and far between when it comes to Power Rangers. The Putties aren’t a bad choice of common figure either, since worst case scenario you could always army build a few of them and it wouldn’t look out of place in a display. As well as all the correct black markings on that cold grey body the Putty Patroller sports a cheeky little expression, with moulded detail for the mouth and the various bumps and folds in the face.

There’s certainly no denying that vinyl toys can be an acquired taste, but the Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes line is an excellent addition to the growing range of blind-bagged figures currently taking the market by storm. It’s always nice to find a Power Rangers line that steps outside of just the seven Rangers, and although Funko seem to have already covered the bases there’s still plenty of potential for more (Bulk and Skull being the top priority). If you’re looking for something quirky and affordable but don’t have the space for larger figures, these little guys might be just what you need.

These figures were kindly provided by Underground Toys for review purposes. However, all reviews reflect the writer's own personal views and are not influenced in any way.

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