Sunday 23 March 2014

Eaglemoss Official Doctor Figurine Collection Emperor Dalek

Character Option's range of Doctor Who figures may have recently changed scale, but its been running pretty much consistently since the series came back to television screens in 2005 (although the toy line more likely came back the year later...I should check my dates). During this time they've done all sorts of great figures and sets, but in terms of my collection at least there's always been one big thing missing - the Emperor Dalek that appeared in the season one finale episode The Parting of the Ways. It may be a bigger figure, but with things like the Empress of Arachnos made it seems criminal that such a great design was never immortalised.

Well, jump forward to 2014 and the Official Doctor Who Figurine collection from Eaglemoss has finally answered my prayers. It may be a static resin statue (hence why this post is a gallery rather than a review) rather than a figure, but I'm quite happy to take anything that I can get...

After surviving the Last Great Time War, the Emperor Dalek driven insane after years alone in the darkness - having fallen through time with his ship damaged and burning. During the Fourth and Great Bountiful Human Empire, the Emperor began manipulating humanity and slowly building up a new Dalek army with the bodies of those he kidnapped. Having brought the Daleks back from complete destruction, the Emperor viewed himself as a god and made his creations religious fanatics that comprehended concepts such as blasphemy. It was eventually killed when Rose absorbed the time vortex from the TARDIS itself, becoming the Bad Wolf and turning the Emperor into dust.

This Emperor Dalek figurine was released exclusively to subscribers of the Doctor Who figurine collection magazine, and according the website is "worth £44.99". Of course, many have popped up on eBay since and are going for quite a bit more than that. I managed to pick one up for a very reasonable £25.99 (plus shipping) because it was damaged. One light had broken off and the eyestalk was coming off - nothing that 10 seconds and superglue couldn't fix.

The figurine comes in two separate parts - the central unit and the surrounding frame. The centre plugs securely into the shield-like parts, and then the six coiled pipes can be plugged into the corresponding holes. As you can see it's a pretty big piece (and has the weight to go with it being a resin figurine), and scales rather nicely with the new 3.75" Dalek figures. Unfortunately the dome cannot rotate or the eyestalk/claw arms move, but the level of detail is impeccable. While the Figurine Collection itself hasn't done much for me in general, this piece is absolutely beautiful and probably worth every penny of the subscribers' fee.

If you're a big fan of this design of the Dalek Emperor and have the money to spend on it, I highly recommend this figurine. The lack of a playable toy is annoying, but for collectors this is the perfect substitute and looks just as good (if not better because of the detail) beside the new Dalek toys. Those  Imperial Guard Daleks couldn't have come at a better time really.

Now someone PLEASE release an Evil of the Daleks style Emperor. My collection needs it.

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