Monday 26 August 2013

Character Building Doctor Who Microfigures Series 3: Madam Kovarian and Judoon Trooper

It's taken months for me to complete the set, but here are the last two figures in series 3 of the Character Building Doctor Who microfigure collection. Both of these figures are rare releases, with Kovarian perhaps being the rarest of the entire wave (judging by the prices she commands on eBay). So without further delay, here are Madam Kovarian and the Judoon Trooper...

Madam Kovarian is the big bad of season 6, and despite being a pretty forgettable character managed to wrangle her way to "rare" status. Oh well. The figure itself isn't particularly special, predominately black and without any additional accessory. I'd go as far to say she's the least interesting figure in the entire line, but unfortunately a must-have for completists like myself.

The Judoon Trooper is very similar to the uncommon Sontaran, in that it is also a helmeted release with the rhino head not included. However if this is how you prefer your Judoons to look, there should be one coming as part of a monster multipack somewhere down the line. The Judoon has some really nice paintwork for a figure this small, with detail even on the back portion that's covered by the body armour! The dominant black colourscheme is broken up by bits of grey and silver, and also included is a bright red handgun for extra colour. 

Not the best two figures to round off on, but pretty good nonetheless. With series 4 still unannounced, next up with be the 50th Anniversary wave with new costumed versions of all 11 Doctors!

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