Wednesday 20 February 2013

Toybox REVIEW: Figma Nyaruko

Figma Nyaruko 01

There have now been over one hundred toy reviews since I started up this blog. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether this means I have too much time/money on my hands, but to celebrate this milestone one I decided to have a little fun. The Crawling Chaos herself, Nyaruko (or if you know your Cthulu mythos, Nyarlathotep) has finally been released in Max Factory's Figma toyline. If you've ever watched Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, you'll know that the series is chock full of gaming, anime and tokusatsu references - and this review is no different. Most of the pictures I've included here a either Kamen Rider or Super Sentai references, so see if you can spot them all!

Figma Nyaruko Box Front

Figma Nyaruko Box BackFigma Nyaruko Box Tray

Much like the opening to the series itself, Nyaruko's packaging is a vibrant mix of colours. The figure and her accessories (bar the hands and stand) can be seen in their entirety from the front window, while the back features numerous posed pictures of the figure as is the norm. Open her up and you'll be able to see the rather bare tray (more on this later) in all of its glory.

Figma Nyaruko 02

Figma Nyaruko 03Figma Nyaruko 04

There's not a whole lot of colour on Nyaruko, but her outfit is a great mix of black, grey and white. Having a soft spot for chequered things anyway, her and bowtie wins a lot of points with me. Her puffed sleeves do hinder more complex arm posing, but this is easy to get around after playing around with her for a while. Like most Figma her skirt is made of soft PVC to stop it getting in the way of leg posing, but I feel the fabric crease detailing is particularly worthy of praise on Nyaruko. Changing the faces involves taking off the fringe section so that the full face is exposed. While the fringe is taken off, the single hairpiece that sticks out of the top can also be taken off and repositioned should you wish.

One nitpick that comes with a word of warning is the bow on the back of her outfit. It's incredibly loose-fitting and wobbly, and doesn't feel like something that's meant to come off. It probably won't fall right off unless you're doing something very wrong with the figure, but at the same time it's something to keep in mind.

Figma Nyaruko 05Figma Nyaruko 06

Figma Nyaruko 07Figma Nyaruko 08

Finally we come to Nyaruko's biggest flaw - her rather meagre accessory count. As well as the standard Figma inclusion of extra hands and a stand, Nyaruko comes packaged with two alternate faces (an action-look and a sly face), her two space C.Q.Cs (the "Hard-to describe crowbar-like thingy" and the "unholy hand grenade) and an additional hand to hold the grenade. That's it. Compare this with the Nendoroid, which included alternate hairpieces in different shapes and more notably her pet Shanta-kun. Not only does it feel like she doesn't come with very much, it looks like it too. Just look back at the packaging picture and see how much of the tray is blank space. A pretty disappointing thing for an otherwise pretty good figure.

Figma Nyaruko 09Figma Nyaruko 10

Figma Nyaruko 11

Nyaruko may be a great figure, but some fiddly parts of the sculpt and poor accessory count make her fall short being perfect. Regardless she's extremely fun to mess around with and poses, something that's only accentuated if you have any S.H. Figuarts figures for her to play around with. As what may be the only character from the series to get a figure too (although a second season is coming later this year so never say never) you won't be opening the floodgates for a whole new collection. Unless this is your first Figma that is...

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