Thursday 24 January 2013

Character Building Doctor Who Microfigures Series 3: The 11th Doctor and Rory

A somewhat belated post (I've had these figures since the beginning of the month), but here's the third instalment in my collection of series 3 Doctor Who minifigures. This time its two characters who have each seen release at least once in the Character Building line, although this time they are sporting very different clothes. The Doctor is (as usual) a common figure, while Rory is among the rare ones for the wave.

The most striking thing about this release of the 11th Doctor (which is the fifth mass release version, and the eighth if you include the super rare figures) is that it isn't a variant of the standard twee jacket costume! A selection of the series six episodes saw Matt Smith's Doctor instead where a pea green trench coat, and here it appears in figure form along with suspenders, a blue shirt and red bowtie. Because of the coat the legs can't swing backward, but I feel that's a small price to pay to have a Doctor in a different costume for once. As usual, he comes with his trusted Sonic Screwdriver.

Series 3's Rory figure is the "badass" alternate universe version seen in the series six finale episode The Wedding of River Song, sporting army gear and a kickass eye patch. Having already done a number of army figures in their Armed Forces Character Building line, CO have done a wonders with the suit detailing. Rory comes packed with a black hand gun, although the mould itself is the same as the grey gun that comes with River Song.

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Action Ranger Timmy said...

Huh. I need to get more of these and then I can't wait for Character Building to start releasing their Scooby Doo figures. The cross over potential and head swapping possibilities are so mind blowing.