Monday 15 October 2012

Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai Battle Damaged Gold Ranger, Mega Mode Blue Ranger & Mystery Figure


Rounding off wave 2 of the Super Samurai Mega Bloks blind bags are these three guys, two of which are common and the other the super secret rare "we don't even tell you what it is on the flyer" figure.

First up we have the battle damaged Gold Ranger figure, which is essentially a scuffed up version of the first wave's Gold figure. The sash is messed up as well as the black marks all over the figure, and quality seems pretty good overall. He comes packaged with his barracuda blade once again.

Secondly there's the Mega Mode Blue Ranger figure, who like his Mega Mode wave mates comes with a jointed Mega Blade weapon (Pink is feeling pretty left out right now). Its a reasonably good figure, but the weakest of the three types of blue rangers included in these bags thus far.

Finally comes the "mystery figure", who is in fact a solid red version of the Super Mega Mode Red Ranger and not the standard Mega Mode like I'd said in an earlier post. I still hold that its a pretty underwhelming mystery figure and looks like some sort of prototype, but in hand I found it does have some noveltly/unique value to it and is currently the only Super Mega Mode in the blind bags.

So that's wave two over and done with. It seems unlikely there'll be a wave three since nothing has been heard about it yet (and Samurai is on the way out), but if it does come I'd like to think it'll feature a more interesting range of characters. So far we've had 4 types of Red, 3 Blues, 2 Greens, 2 Gold, 1 Yellow and 1 Pink. At the very least I hope they manage to sneak some sort of morphed Yellow minifigure into the mix.

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