Saturday 15 September 2012

Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai Training mode Yellow Ranger & Flying Mooger

I must have got lucky with the case these two figures were included in too, because these are the first ones I don't seem to have any QC complaints about.

Finally making an appearance in the blind bag ranger is the Yellow Ranger, even if it is in the lacklustre training mode variety. The yellow strips on the costume blur with the green outlining of the sashes/detailing, but the little details (such as the kanji on the hood) are all present and correct and Emily also comes with a different weapon to her wave one counterparts. In the place of the standard spin sword is a staff - a repaint of the one included with the Bulk mini figure.

The flying Mooger (what makes it a "flying" one I don't know) is a surprise success. Rather that a simple re-release of the wave one Mooger with a new weapon (which is some sort of two-pronged staff thing), this Mooger has a different body colour with more intricate pattern detailing. As there are different types of Mooger in the show, this offers a nice variety for those planning to army build the little guys. Personally I'm hoping for a purple Mooger in the third wave.

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