Thursday 16 August 2012

Phat Company's Panty & Stocking + Chuck Figure Set

Phat Company Panty & Stocking 2-pack

While perusing the dealers' room at this years Amecon, my eyes were drawn in by some figure sets I'd be considering buying for a while. Originally Phat Company's (distributed by Good Smile Company) Anarchy sister 2-pack from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt had been my planned purchase in terms of figures (since I knew they were eventually bringing a Scanty and Kneesocks set out too), but I eventually passed on them in favour of the Nendoroids. However my want of the Scanty and Kneesocks set still remained, and when my girlfriend and I stumbled across both sets we decided to clean house. She bought Panty & Stocking, while I happily took home the Demon sisters. There's not really a lot to say about them to give an extensive review, but I thought I'd share some pictures of both sets for anyone considering picking these (or the other two available sets) up.

Phat Company Panty & Stocking 2-pack packaging front

The packaging is pretty nice with its distinct Panty & Stocking "colour explosion" motif, but collectors who like to take their figures in and out of the boxes might be a little disappointed by the blister packaging. Both Panty and Stocking are in a fairly generic pose (which judging from my Daten City Paparazzi art book, is most likely from the standard character design). Poseable figures have been hit and miss in capturing the series' distinct art style - the Nendoroids avoided it but rounding off the angles, and the Rio:Bone figure tried (and in my opinion, failed) at working the designs into fully functioning 3D figures. These figurines do display some of the roundness seen in the Nendoroids, but its far less intrusive/obvious and so I'd consider this set one of the best interpretations of the characters out that aren't expensive statues of their angel forms. They both have nice little bits of detail for such small figures, such as Panty's toned hair and Stocking's striped underwear.

Phat Company Panty & Stocking 2-pack Panty 01

Phat Company Panty & Stocking 2-pack Stocking 01

Also included is a yellow base for each figure, and a in-scale figure of their pet zipper-dog Chuck. Again, for such a small figurine Chuck looks great.

Phat Company Panty & Stocking 2-pack Chuck

These figures will probably cost you more on the aftermarket now than their original retail price, but even then they shouldn't be that hard to find at a reasonable cost. If you've been unwhelmed/disappointed by the poseable/semi-poseable figures released thus far, these two are definitely worth looking into.

Phat Company Panty & Stocking 2-pack packaging backPhat Company Panty & Stocking 2-pack back

Phat Company Panty & Stocking 2-pack Panty 02Phat Company Panty & Stocking 2-pack Stocking 02

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