Tuesday 3 July 2012

Legend Sentai Ranger Key Set: Dekaranger

The Legend Sentai Ranger Key sets are slowly ploughing through both old and new Sentai teams, and last month one of the few key sets I've decided to pick up was released - one of my favourite Sentai series...the Dekarangers! Included in the set is Deka Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink (so Deka Break, Master and Swan still need to be bought by other means).

Usually I'm not one to complain that much about box art, but the font they chose for the "Special Police Dekaranger" is just flat out awful. It doesn't match the look and tone of the box or the series itself, and feels like something that was pulled out of a default computer font bank last minute. I originally thought about displaying these in the box (like I've done with my Gokaiger set) but the end product has really put me off that idea.

As you'd expect, inserting any of the keys into the Mobirates or Legend Mobirates makes the "DEEEEKAAAARAAANGER" call out (along with a unique sound effect). In the Legends Mobirates encyclopaedia mode you'll also get a short bio of the team.

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