Saturday 26 May 2012

Toybox REVIEW: Revoltech Evangelion Mass Production Ver.

It's been quite a while since I've bought a Revoltech, but when they announced a re-release of a figure long discontinued I'd been itching to get my hands on for a while there was no chance I would be passing it up. Appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion's conclusive End of Evangelion movie, the mass production Eva units were build in different places around the world and were Seele's backup plan for initiating instrumentality. The original release of this figure (numbered #26 in the Yamaguchi  line) came in two different varieties - one with the wings and another with the various armaments the unit wields.

As a figure originally released in 2007, the Mass Production does seem a little dated in terms of sculpt and engineering when put alongside the newer Evangelion releases in the Revoltech line. The figure has revolver joints in the head, waist, shoulders, elbows, knees and feet while the hips move via what feels like a plug joint. While the figure's white colour is accurate to the movie, there is a little discolouring around the neck area on mine (I doubt this is a wide problem though). The hands are attached via a plug system rather than small revolver joints, and can prove slightly difficult to fit on properly. When removing one set I managed to even pull out the joint piece from the arm! Thankfully it wasn't broken and was meant to come out (probably not that easily though) - I wish the same could be said for my Revoltech Lazengann's broken hand.

Finally we come onto the accessories, which if anything are the main selling point of this figure. While originally one would have to buy both versions of the figure to get all of the accessories, this re-release comes with everything included with both editions to create a "perfect version". Included are a variety of additional hands, an open mouth head, damaged/destroyed head/limb parts, exposed dummy plug piece (bearing the words "Kaworu"), double bladed weapon, replica Lance of Longinus and articulated wing backpack. While all these things are great, special mention should go to the Lance which is over double the length of the actual figure.

The wings themselves are huge, and poseable via a revolver joint at each end for a decent range of motion. The wings can be brought forward to create a "shield" effect, and posed with the double-jointed stand included for a variety of demonic-angel poses. Not gonna lie, getting the balancing right using the stand is quite difficult, but once you get the hang of it the figure can pull off some really epic poses.

Handling an older-styled Revoltech figure does feel a little antiquated, but the fact this release contains both accessories of the original more than makes up for it. Despite the dated sculpt, the mass production Eva still shows off an extremely impressive range of motion and is capable of pulling off poses which will still fit in nicely alongside its newer, "Evolution" Eva unit brethren. If I had more spare cash, I'd be inclined to army build these, or at the very least buy another two so I can pose one winged, one grounded and another with half its body parts blown off by Unit-02.


gonza said...

Hi, quick question, all the revoltech unions are articulated or just a few?

Alex said...

They're all articulated :)

gonza said...

Wow, my model has the shoulders, complete legs and wings articulated, the middle arms, neck and the two extras for the stand seems to be fixed or at least very hard and I'm scared to force them.... BTW, I don't find a use for the orange box. This is my first revoltech, sorry for the questions.