Friday 6 January 2012

Toybox REVIEW: Nendoroid Stocking

The second nendoroid I'm going to review (and funnily enough, also the only other nendo I own) is the second of the Panty and Stocking ones - this time Panty's goth lolita, sword wielding, cake loving sister Stocking.

While both small and super deformed, the sculpt of the figure is excellent, nicely capturing all the details in Stocking's gothic black dress. Her long twin coloured hair covers the majority of the figure, the back of the dress completely covered by it with the head attached. However the hanging portion of the hair is made from a soft plastic and separated into semi movable strips, which means it can be moved around for poses using the outstretched arms. I personally found neatly moving the hair out the way like the box shows a little difficult, but the hair moves neatly back into place when straightened - which was initially a worry of mine.

Much like Panty, Stocking comes with a pretty wide range of accessories. She is packaged with three alternate faces (a standard mopey face, a shouting face and an "OMG THIS CAKE IS DELICIOUS" face), a variety of alternate arms and hands, a extra "panty-less" set of legs with removable bare legs, a fork, a plate of neatly sliced cake, 2 swords (stripes I and II) and her beloved plush toy Honeneko. Much like the detailing on Panty's guns, the blue stripes on the swords are a nifty translucent blue plastic. The cake is not attached to the plate, instead being held via a peg on the optional hand that is able to hold the plate (there is a small hole in the plate for the the peg). This means it can be posed with either the whole cake attached, or (with some clever peg hiding) one slice left after Stocking greedily eats it all.

Due to being posable at the hips, it means the legs can be swapped so that you can have one stocking on and one off rather than both on or off. This is great if like me you like to pose Stocking with just the one sword rather than two. To make Stocking hold the swords, the handles have to be removed and inserted into the hands via the bottom of the fistsm then reattaching the blades at the top. A little fiddly, but the blades peg into the handles pretty firmly.

Stocking also comes with the excellent pink magnetic stand that Panty has, which attaches at the head with ease (no plugs - just the magnet inside the head attracting to the stand's), is firm and can be easily hidden by the figure's exaggerated proportions.

Much like how I felt about Panty, I'm still not fully convinced that nendoroids are worth the full asking price due to my love for proper posable figures, (but then, I didn't pay for Stocking, she was a fantastic Christmas present from my girlfriend) but Stocking is still a great toy. She doesn't have quite as much personality as the Panty nendoroid (but Panty is a far more lively character in general) but her accessories are much better and more fun than her sister's. I'm not sure if I could recommend one over the other, so if you're only planning to get one I'd say go with whoever you like best, but both sisters are both great in their own way and look even better when posed together.

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