Monday 19 December 2011

Toybox REVIEW: S.H. Figuarts Gokai Green

The third in the Gokaiger figuart collection is one of my particular favourites - the comic relief but at the same time awesome Don Dogoier, aka Doc and Gokai Green! Since I've covered the figure mould somewhat extensively here and here this will be a somewhat shorter review (the Yellow and Pink ones will be longer again, given its a different figure shape). The photo shoot also suffered from a lack of Red and Blue to pose him with (they're back at my university accommodation), which unfortunately meant no dual-pistol wielding action for poor old Doc either.

Just like Red and Blue, the sculpt is excellent and the shade of green is effective despite not have that gleam that the spandex suits in the show have. While I found hand swapping a little more difficult here than I did with the other two, its still by no means frustrating.

Green has all the accessories included with the Gokaiger figures thus far (the extra hands, Gokai saber and gun, mobirates, minuscule flipped/unflipped keys and alternate final wave barrels for the weapons) but his 'exclusive' accessory is definitely the best one so far - an in scale figure of Navi! The robot parrot has articulation in her wings, meaning not only is she semi-posable but you can also recreate her frantic flapping.

As per usual, the first wave release also comes with the Gokai Darin and chair, which is identical to the one included with Blue (and presumably Yellow and Pink), only this time in a green deco.

This review might be short and sweet, but Doc is just as good as the two that came before him, and possibly more fun as he is the character that is more fitting to the ridiculous poses the Figuarts are capable of. The inclusion of Navi marks him above Blue's figuart in my eyes, even if only to make Marvelous even more of a badass pirate captain. That's it for the (main) guys, time to bring on the girls!

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