Thursday 24 November 2011

Toybox REVIEW: S.H. Figuarts Gokai Blue

Another month has passed and that means another Gokaiger figuart is available! Bandai's second figuart Gokaiger release is none other than Gokai Blue aka Joe Gibken. Gokai Green is the next in line (he saw release last week in fact) and Yellow, Pink and Silver are to follow in December and January. I'll keep this review shorter as to not repeat myself six times over, so anyone looking for a more detailed review check out my Gokai Red review from a month ago.

Once again Blue has the excellent sculpt and build I've come to expect from this line. The shade of blue is perhaps somewhat darker than I originally expected but not by too much, and this helps the gold highlighting stand out more vividly. The joints are very flexible and removing hands doesn't prove too tasking, while at the same time when attached the fit firmly and there's little chance of them dropping off during posing.

Gokai Blue has a very similar amount of accessories to Red - the mobirates, gokai gun/saber and variety of alternate hands are all the same as seen in his release. However Blue does have a few extras of his own to get excitedly - firstly would be that his two included keys (folded and unfolded) are both blue (well, obviously!) but most importantly, he also comes with a 3-blade piece and a 2-blade piece to recreate his finisher from the fourth episode of the series - the Final Wave Five-Blade Style Blue Slash. To go along with Blue's excess blades, this means there are also a total of FIVE key-filled swappable ports for the weaponry. So while at first glance his extras may seem very similar to Marvelous', it's the little extras (taken from one-off appearances no less) that make them stand out.

Of course, what would any Super Sentai figuart be without its first wave bonus item? Gokai Blue is no exception, and included is his own Gokai Darin (or wheel) which is used to pilot the Gokai Jet and GokaiOh. Unlike Red's darin this is a much smaller wheel, but has a more distinct cockpit feel and comes with a separate chair piece. This version will be the same both the releases of Green, Yellow and Pink - albeit in their respective colours.

Yes I realise I'm giving another figuart a full-star review and yes I realise the figure is almost exactly the same as Gokai Red, but SH Figuarts figures really are THAT good. Gokai Red was a top notch figure, and Gokai Blue follows suite so deserves just as much praise. If you're comfortable with just owning Gokai Red that's fine, but anyone looking to complete the team can know full-well that so far, 2 out of 6 have been absolute winners.

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