Monday 4 January 2010

Toybox REVIEW: Revoltech Arch Gurren Lagann

Due to monetary issues at his time of release (i.e. I couldn't afford him), this review is coming alot later than I originally hoped. Nevertheless, here is number 070 in the Revoltech Yamaguchi line, the giant space ganmen Arch Gurren Lagann (or Arc Gurren Lagann as it's called in the series). Arch Gurren Lagann is the result of Gurren Lagann combining with the gunman battleship Arc-Gurren, and is first seen in episode 22 of the series.

As usual when it comes to Revoltech figures, the sculpting and posability of the figure is magnificent. All the little details of the figure show off nicely and the special revolver joints let the figure make some great realistic (or epic) poses. The paint job is superb too, with the silver parts boasting a very nice metallic finish. But perhaps the nicest little feature on the figure is the decision to include pop out heels so that the figure can stand on its own without the use of a stand (which is supplied if you prefer). For anyone who hasn't seen Gurren Lagann, Arch Gurren Lagann spends what very little airtime it has in space, never actually landing anyway. Because of this it doesnt really have much in the way of stable feet. So this great little addition to the design is most welcome and I applaud Revoltech for implementing it.

However there is one problem with Arch Gurren Lagann, and its not so much in the figure itself, and more its accessories. Now this is my 7th Revoltech figure, and I'm quite used to being spoiled in terms of extras (eg they've all had about 3 pairs of extra hands, weapons and excess body parts). Arch Gurren Lagann on the other hand gets a measly extra pair of open hands and some energy punch effects (after all, it CAN punch through dimensions!). While I know AGL didn't actually do much in the series, but it would have been nice at the very least for it to get another pair of hands. And if the talk of it doing a giga drill break in the Ragan-Hen movie is true, I don't know why a drill could have been included too.

In conclusion it's a great figure and more than worthy to be in anyone's collection, but the lack of accessories makes it feel like alot less bang for your buck. Averaging around £25, its alot for a 6" figure no matter how posable it is. If you're an avid fan of the series/revoltech or the design, then this is the figure for you. If you're however merely looking for a great mecha toy, buy the miles better revoltech Gurren & Lagann figure I reviewed last year.

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