Sunday 8 November 2009

Toybox REVIEW: Transformers Animated Waspinator

"Driven crazy by years locked in an AUTOBOT prison, WASPINATOR is determined to take revenge on the robot who put him there - BUMBLEBEE. Now, after bizarre experiments conducted by BLACKARACHNIA, he finally has the power to make his vengeance a reality. He has come to Earth hunting the AUTOBOT speedster; and he will not stop until BUMBLEBEE is a pile of smoking scrap."

Beast Wars Waspinator was one of the first Transformers I ever had, so imagine my excitement when I found out he was not only going to be in the Transformers Animated series, but also get a toy. Then imagine my disappointment when I found out his wave wasn't going to be released in the UK. Then imagine my excitement when I found him and his wave mate Samurai Prowl (who will probably get a review some point next week) in Home Bargains of all places for HALF PRICE! Good times readers, good times.

So anyway onto the review, Waspinator is a deluxe class figure and as you have probably already realised transforms into a wasp. The beast mode looks very good in the TF:A style, and the translucent purple plastic on the giant bug eyes and wings are a very nice touch. The transformation itself isn't particuarly difficult, in fact its only 6 step transformation - connect arms, pull up arms and legs, pull down wasp head etc.
The robot mode certainly does the animation model justice, as is the case with most TF:A figures. The eyes have the same purple plastic as the wings which makes for some nice light piping effects and his little arms even have their own articulation. Speaking of articulation its very good, being mostly ball joints and then hinges on the knees, feet and elbows. The toy even has a little lever on the back to make the wings flap!

As with most Animated toys, I highly recommend this figure. Even moreso if you live in the UK and have a Home Bargains nearby and can get it for the price I did (which by the way was £5.99). While he certainly isn't the best TF:A figure ever, he's still certainly leaps and bounds better than the majority of the Revenge of the Fallen line.

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