Thursday 9 April 2009

Custom Figure: Transformers Classics/Universe Blackzarak

Though not my first custom, here's the first one thats gonna go up on this blog! *applause*

Not alot done to this figure actually, I just took a Cybertron series Dark Scorponok (which I got damn cheap in TK Maxx last year)- which is already a blatent homage to this character, and got painted over the horrid sky blue plastic that was ruining the figure's deco. For the horns I took the figure's visor, cut it up and superglued the horns to the side of the head, then painted over them to match the helmet.

Just so you're in the know, Blackzarak was one of the big bad guys in the japanese exclusive Masteforce G1 series (the first pic). Then theres a pic of the unmodified Dark you know what I had to begin with! And finally there's the finised product.

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