Friday 19 August 2022

Top 5: Tokusatsu Toei Should Subtitle For Youtube

Top 5: Tokusatsu Toei Should Subtitle For Youtube

It's been over two years since Toei launched their Toei Tokusatsu World Official Youtube channel and it's fair to say it's been a mixed bag at best. As far as English-speaking fans are concerned these days it's mainly used for dumping odd episodes (or movies) of Kamen Rider and calling it "worldwide distribution", but upon its initial launch Toei dumped a whole host of interesting titles from their rather extensive back catalogue. Sadly only the first two episodes were subbed, but the remaining episodes continued to be uploaded to the channel – making many of them the most accessible they've ever been outside of Japan. So for this month's top five I'm counting down the five shows I'd most like to see fully subbed on the channel. Don't get me wrong the channel is the perfect place for Kamen Rider to be shared with the world, but it would be amazing for these great shows to get some more exposure too.

5) Ganbare!! Robocon
Ganbare!! Robocon
This one might seem a little ambitious given that Ganbare!! Robocon ran for a whopping 118 episodes, but when it comes to Shotaro Ishinimori's quirky sitcoms starring a robot living with a human family the original always feels like the best place to go. Also known by the international title of Dear Robottie! , Ganbare!! Robocon is all about the titular hero going out into the world to learn all about becoming an A-grade robot – which is achieved by serving humans. The fun part is that Robocon is a little shit who thinks humans should be serving robots, not to mention a walking disaster and completely inept at nearly everything. Whether it remains that loveable for 118 episodes is another question, but considering it got both a remake series in the 90s and a movie adaptation a few years ago there's definitely a charm there I'd like to see more of.

4) Space Ironman Kyodain
Space Ironman Kyodain
Kamen Rider's brief flirtation with bringing back classic Ishinomori characters for movies was an interesting time, and definitely helped generate some interest in the Space Ironman Kyodain among younger fans (myself included). Though the 1976 series is definitely showing its age a bit now, there's some really good concepts in here as well as some truly wacky visuals – the scenes of the robotic siblings transformed into vehicle modes being among the highlights. While about half of the series is currently translated via fansubs, having a full set available via legal/more accessible means certainly wouldn't go amiss.

3) La Belle Fille Masquee Poitrine
La Belle Fille Masquee Poitrine
Whether it's her appearance in Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum or the recent parody in Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, if you're a tokusatsu fan chances are you'll have heard of Poitrine somewhere. And even if you haven't, the fact this series was a huge inspiration on Sailor Moon goes to show how important it is in the magical girl cultural sphere. It also helps that (based on the first two episodes at least) it's an extremely fun show that's equal parts surreal and silly. The Fushigi Comedy Series are a cornerstone of Toei tokusatsu that's been largely forgotten, so as one of its most notable entries it would be nice to see Poitrine get the recognition it deserves.

2) Daitetsujin 17
Daitetsujin 17
Shotaro Ishinomori does a giant robot series, who needs anything more than that little description to be completely sold on Daitetsujin 17? With an elaborately sci-fi plotline and an incredible robot design, Daitetsujin 17 definitely has the potential to stand alongside the most well-known heroes in Ishinomori's work. Tsuburaya Productions may be the ones that usually set the standard for miniature work in the medium, but Toei really brought their A game to this one and it definitely shows. A boy and his giant robot may not be the most original trope out there, but that doesn't make Daitetsujin 17 any less special.

1) Inazuman Flash
Inazuman Flash
Out of all the tokusatsu shows out there, this one being left unsubbed is probably the one that stings me the most. Despite the first series of Inazuman receiving an official subtitled release in Hawaii much like Kamen Rider V3 and Kikaider, Inazuman Flash did not receive the same treatment. Though Inazuman defeated Emperor Banba and the Neo-Human Empire at the end of the first series, it was immediately followed by the arrival of Fuhrer Geisei and the Despar army. Still tired from the previous battle, Inazuman is completely overwhelmed – setting up the darker and more urgent tone the early episodes of Inazuman Flash have. Teaming up with Interpol agent Makoto Arai, Inazuman Flash is a whole new chapter in the psionic hero's story that deserves to be officially subtitled. 


What shows would you like to see fully subtitled on the Toei Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel? As always let me know, as well as any ideas you have for future top five pieces, in the comment section below!


Anonymous said...

Call me greedy but I wanted every show on their youtube channel be fully subbed.

I still don't understand what Toei plans for this channel even 2 years later.

I hope whatever they do plan would just hurried it up.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was allowed to view the ones that haven't been subbed yet. Most of their show playlists show something like "50 videos, 48 unavailable videos hidden." It's a bit frustrating to only have the first 2 episodes available, regardless of being subbed or not.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't know why they decided to private almost half of their shows for no reason either. This whole youtube thing felt very short sighted.