Wednesday 21 November 2012

Character Building Doctor Who Microfigures Series 3: River Song, Dalek & Cybercontroller

After a wait that feels like forever (in reality its been about 6 months, maybe a bit longer), series 3 of Character Building's awesome Doctor Who micro-figures is finally hitting shelves. This series boasts perhaps the biggest and best line up yet, consisting of;

Madam Kovarian
Vashta Nerada
Rory Williams
Judoon Trooper
River Song

Sontaran Trooper
Amy Pond

The Eleventh Doctor
Cyber Controller

At the time of writing, I'm not sure what this series' "super rare" limited edition figures are (or even if there are any). So without further ado, let's take a look at the first batch of these figures I've managed to get my hands on!

First up is a new version of River Song, sporting her attire from Day of the Moon. Like the River Song from series 2, its a pretty good likeness of the character despite being small and cartoony (complete with noodle hair!). Best of all, she now comes with a weapon! In addition to all the figure pieces and TARDIS display base, River now comes packing a handgun ready for any monsters that come her way.

Next we have what was possibly my most anticipated part of the set, the bronze Russell T Davies era Dalek (which can also be found in the Dalek Saucer set). Sporting a much greater level of detail than the previous new Paradigm offerings, this Dalek is definitely the best character building has put out yet! The segments can also be reassembled to recreate the rotating midsection seen in the episode Dalek.

Finally we have the Cyber Controller, who was first available in the Argos exclusive Cyberman Army builder set (truth be told, that's actually where mine has come from). Sporting the black fronted, brain exposed helmet first seen in The Next Doctor but no Cybus Industries logo, this is the controller seen in A Good Man Goes to War or alternatively the Cyber Lord from the Blood of the Cyberman PC game. Sadly no weapon is included.

A pretty good bunch to start off with, and plenty of more good figures to come. Its just a shame that there's no sure way of knowing which figure you'll get outside of feeling the packets, so finding some of the rarer ones can be a case of trial and error. Happy hunting!

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ComicGuy89 said...

Really nice! It's a shame River is rare, I'll have to hunt her down while avoiding all those usual stares by the shopkeepers.

Definitely picking up the Dalek for sure. It's common, and easy to feel in package, I have a feeling I'll be army-building this a bit!