Monday 9 August 2010

Custom Figure: The Last Dalek


I honestly think Character Options missed out not releasing this one. Sure they released versions of it that appeared later on in the episode - the 'Genetic Print' Dalek (pictured below) and the Mutant Reveal Dalek, but the caged 'Metaltron' version of the lone Dalek from 2005's Dalek is by far the most visually striking. Powerless and alone, the former last Dalek in existence used cunning and trickery to escape its captivity, proved that the Dalek plunger arm is more deadly than it looks and then went on to be more deadly and far scary than any other Dalek has been since the revival of Doctor Who.

This custom was made by first taking the Dalek apart and cutting/bending specific panels to create the battle damaged look it had in the series. Chunks were also carved out of the gun arm to replicate the damage. I used Humbrol Brass enamel paint on the body followed by a wash of very watered down black paint for the dirty look. The base colour is a mix of Citadel chaos black and mythril silver.


Anonymous said...

Awesome custom! I just bought the admittedly rather rare Genetic Print Dalek figure - but now I feel slightly short-changed! Still, with the exception of the bending/shaping of plastic, the paint apps shouldn't be too difficult!

- Seadevillagoon

Dr Blue said...

Hi there,

I was wonder if you've a Dalek figure like this but its missing the sucker, gun or eye. How would you go about replacing them?

Alex said...

eBay is probably your best bet. There are sellers that deal in individual parts, and I’ve seen the appendages for this specific Dalek there quite recently. Hope that helps!